Wedding Photography in Winchester, Hampshire

This wedding photography session happened awhile ago and I just want to show a few more images so anyone interested from local (or not so local!) area could see it. This is another proof that well educated people are still getting married young in UK and it is not necessarily a feature of NEET mentality. I’m saying so because of numerous arguments online and in real life. Just look at this beautiful couple and their friends – they are mostly students or graduates from top ranking British Universities… They are in their early 20th and they are happily combining their careers with married life. This is a pleasure for eyes and hearts!

Wedding Photography in Winchester

Wedding Photography in Winchester. Rachel and Matthew

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Asian Wedding Photographs

Last summer I’ve had a chance to photograph Asian Wedding (Sikh). It has taken place in Gurdwara Nanaksar, Southampton, Hampshire. A great addition to wedding photographer’s portfolio and new experience in cultural diversity. I have done a pre-wedding photowalk for this couple some time before as well. Both sessions are looking very good from my point!
All pictures are clickable and leading to extended album.

Asian Wedding photographs

Asian Wedding photographs. Gurdwara Nanaksar, Southampton, Hampshire

More Pictures

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Our Christmas in Scotland. Part-1

We planned our trip to Scotland for awhile, but it all came together this Christmas. Group of friends rented a big hostel so we just needed to get there – Spittal of Glenshee. It’s over 450 miles to drive and having 1.5 yo child on board and German Shepherd in the boot area does not help to easy travel so we have arranged a stopover in Glasgow. In Glasgow we have a good friend with African Grey Parrot which was ready to travel further North as well with it’s owner. The question we were interested in is how this parrot would go along with our dog, considering they’re going to spend a few days in the same hostel. Despite all our worries, Sharik the Dog was very friendly and tender towards the bird.

Dog and Parrot

Sharik the Dog and Grusha the Parrot

I could not resist, of course, not to photograph Parrot and it’s owner. Especially on such a lovely morning in a huge airy flat with huge windows…

Morning sun in Glasgow flat

Morning sun in Glasgow flat…

Parrot Grusha and her Owner

Parrot Grusha and her Owner

Two days later we moved up North through one of the biggest storms of the winter. Snow, rain, strong gusty wind and puddles on the road delayed our arrival by a couple of hours, but we made it. I will leave description of our first night party with long missed friends from different parts of the country and show a few pictures of the next morning snow and walk with Sharik the Dog around Gulabin Lodge area

Sharik the Dog by the river

Sharik the Dog by the river

View on Shee Water in the morning Near Glenshee Parish Church

View on Shee Water in the morning Near Glenshee Parish Church

Panoramic view of Shee Water Valley

Panoramic view of Shee Water Valley from Spittal on Glenshee bridge

Mountains around Spittal of Glenshee

Mountains around Spittal of Glenshee

We have spent a three nights in the Gulabin Lodge and most importantly – Christmas eve. Most of necessary attributes were in place – Santa, geese, crackers, presents, songs etc. I did not have enough tie and energy to document everything, so there are a few samples for those interested and a few more via linked images…

Muled Wine preparation

Drying up by the Fire

Drying up by the Fire

The Head of THE Professor D :)

The Head of THE Professor D 🙂

Santa K got them!

Santa K got them!

I have robbed Santa!

I have robbed Santa!

triple j


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Photographs of your child on internet

This is an interesting issue dividing people quite strikingly. All parents taking pictures of their children. Lots of these parents are sharing the pictures with family, friends and general public via social networks. Some of these pictures become popular and thousands of people seeing them. And sometimes it’s going further with web designers picking these pictures for their websites.
That’s where other type of parents steps in arguing that this is inappropriate and dangerous for young people as world around is full of people with bad intentions. Description or logic behind this fear can vary widely – from superstitious belief of some kind of voodoo effect on your child’s health over internet to media inflated scare of pedophiles.
My question is how technically can harm be caused if the picture of your child appear on FB, for example. Or on photographic website. Obviously, I’m talking about decent pictures. Saying that, some people can see “sexually explicit content” even in the smile of 5-years old. But I think it is psychiatric issue already. And following this route will bring us back to Dark Ages.
My message is simple. Next time photographer will ask your permission for publishing picture of your child on internet – don’t panic and don’t be angry. Sometimes banana is just a banana…

Katerina and her Red Coat

A few more

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Wedding photography of extreme wedding.

That was an interesting experience – to start with. Wedding photographers are not spoiled with many chances to photograph unusual weddings even though any wedding bears it’s own special features. This particular one was destined to be unusual, I guess, as so many unusual people and intentions coincided in one “Space-Time Continuum”! I don’t like to post random wedding pictures so this time I am posting pictures of the most exciting part from one of the most exciting weddings – waterskiing Groom and Bride’s imposter in front of their wedding party!

Wedding party ready

Everything ready for guests arrival

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Portraits in the cave.

Recently I went on Halloween adventure with a group of “slightly extreme” friends who loves hiking/climbing/jumping/rafting/etc. They have a few “secret places” around the country and this cave is one of these places. Last time I was there more then 5 years ago and my photographs were not exciting as I didn’t know what I want. This time was different and my photo gear backpack proved it (and nearly killed me on the way up). I wanted to get a series of portraits in the cave. As simple as that. Using some natural and artificial props – it’s been Halloween party! Fortunately for me this place well concealed and require considerable fitness to climb up there, so my revelations here won’t change human and photographers traffic to the cave.

Portraits in the cave -1

Portraits in the cave -1

A few More

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Wedding Photographer in Wiltshire. Children at the wedding.

This is a second part of the post I meant to publish. As I said before, regular pictures from weddings are usually not as exciting for people who’s not involved, unless it’s something outrageous. But if you look at this from a different perspective, some interesting features may come up. And from my point of view children makes any wedding more sincere and informal. And that’s what I’m after when shooting weddings…

Baby girl at wedding

Nearly ready for ceremony…

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Wedding photography in Wiltshire by SASNN-Photo in Summer 2013.

It’s been over 5 months since my last post! Unbelievable. Summer flew away with quite a few weddings – this season was a first proper wedding photography harvest for us. I have been so busy most of the time that I could not think about blogging outside of my main website. Well, I probably should because no one still cancelled SEO. Even Google despite a lot of changes seems to be value good links and relationships. I have been thinking quite a lot about what can I share to bring more readers and fans and guess what? Have not invented a thing! With all these weddings and events I’ve been through this summer, I need to find something more interesting than just showing same images over and over again… Simple writing won’t help, I suppose – I am not a Hemingway or Dostoevsky. So after careful consideration I’ve chosen a very close to my everyday’s work topic – children at wedding! We all know that at the most of weddings you can find at least a couple of little guests and they often gather a lot of attention around. And as a consequence lots of people are happy to see those photographs afterwords…

Little Usher

Wedding at Rudloe Hall, Wiltshire. Little Usher

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern. The Bristol Door

This is just a bit of fun – to participate in growing weekly photo challenge organized by WordPress – The Daily Post. Interesting way to push creativity/traffic! 🙂
As it is fun, I just post my insta-picture. Not a bucket of quality, but who cares these days?

Pattern on the Door

Door Painted in crazy pattern

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Event and sport photography. Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race

It’s been a very exhausting 3 days for me while following one of the toughest canoe and kayak annual competition in the world – Devizes to Westminster International Canoe Race (or shortly DW Race).

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race memorial board

Devizes to Westminster Canoe Race memorial board in Devizes. iphoneography

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